Video Surveillance


Video Surveillance brings a peace of mind to the business, residential, and organizational owners around the world. True Identity makes security camera monitoring a critical component to the client’s security strategy. Identifying with accuracy and truth not only save lives but also reduces liabilities.

Remote Video Surveillance

Ideal for maintaining visual of Business, Residential, Construction/Rehab Sites during your absence whether it be due to non-business hours, vacationing, or vacancies. Our agency will keep an eye on your assets even when you cannot.

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Cloud-based Storage

Cloud storage is the new way of protecting your evidence and monitoring your property with the use of IP Cameras. No need to worry about stolen onsite security camera systems. With Cloud Base Storage True Identity makes viewing videos and recorded footage easily accessible from home, work, and play. This gives you several advantages:

  1. No need to worry about stolen equipment.
  2. Capability of viewing from anywhere with internet access.
  3. Allow your security to visually cover more of your property to reduce your loss.
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Fleet Management

True Identity understand the importance of improving your operations and ensuring your staff are using methods that is best for your bottom line and efficient for customer satisfaction. Our Fleet management produce not only allow tracking but also report potential issues that can be costly if not addressed. True Identity monitor from the start of the day to the end of the day and also unauthorized movement. With our quick notification your will be made aware of unauthorized movement, idled time, speed violations, and our of boundary.

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