As easy to insert into a standard-sized student backpack as a school notebook, Byrna Shield Backpack Body Armor is a thin, lightweight (14 oz.), flexible Level IIIA-rated ballistic plate. It can withstand up to 6 hits from .44 magnum bullets with velocities up to 1,464 feet-per-second.

For the price of a pair of sneakers parents can have peace-of-mind, knowing they’re giving their children a chance when the unthinkable happens, and avoid the high cost of regret.

Pay It Forward: 10% of every purchase goes to the Meadow Pollack Memorial Fund to supply inner city schoolchildren with ballistic backpack body armor and other school supplies.

Shield Backpack Body Armor Features:

  • Made in America with Patented Technology
  • Stops up to a .44 Magnum Bullet
  • Extremely lightweight (14oz) and very thin
  • Flexible
  • Fits discreetly in a backpack (not frightening)
  • Available in both children’s and adult sizes.
  • 10% of all Byrna Shield proceeds donated to Meadow’s Movement to promote school safety and provide Shields to underprivileged students